QSDAP Cataloging

This is an analysis software to analyze Bi-Directional Pile Load Test results to obtain equivalent Top-Loaded Load-Settlement Plot, Q-S Plot.

Payment Method: PayPal
Analysis Time: 3 Working Days after successful payment made

Information Required (click to obtain sample PDF):
(1) BDPLT Q-D Plot
(2) BDPLT t-Q Plot
(3) BDPLT t-D Plot
(4) BDPLT Q-s Plot 
(5) Pile Installation Records
(6) Balance Level Computation Form  

The above information, please send information with Payment Receipt PDF or Payment Receipt Number to:

Email: geoali2021@gmail.com
Tel: +6016 - 2158 129 

Please click sample QSDAP report.

PayPAL: USD299.00 

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